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Case study Caringbah

A house in Caringbah built upon an aboriginal sacred site in 1826 became the scene of another one of Simon’s successes.

Details from the land titles office revealed this house had many different owners and our new owners had bought and renovated this old house for a good price.

The wife noticed the agitated mood of her young children, and the tension between her and her husband who had a history of psychic experiences.

Strange smells and fragrances were noticed, scratching sounds, footsteps on the roof, small phenomena like that. The husband saw an apparition of a female. The main concern was the effect of moods on family members. Simon identified the sacred site, because of an energy well coming out of the ground there in a vortex. He said the renovations in the centre of the house, blocking off interior walls had jammed the system.

Complicating matters further an inter-dimensional tunnel emptied out into one of the children’s bedrooms.

Simon commenced the ritual clearing in the usual way. I had not noticed the energy signature of his usual group of non-physical mates and mentioned this. He replied that they couldn’t be here now, they are busy – but that a different group were in attendance.
Simon was describing the unblocking of the up welling energy and the entities emerging into the house, I had no ability to see or sense this, nor did anyone else.

The tell tale was the home security system monitoring every room in the house, while all of us sat outside by the pool watching the electronic display indicating activity movement in every room of the house, this lasted for two and a half days.

The youngest child became calm and peaceful and over time the family tensions ended. The home is peaceful to this day.