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Brave Ben Hall



Brave Ben Hall


A passionate poem about Ben Hall and even its title rallies the support of its readers. After Hall’s death his son was reputed to travel the sideshow circuit as ‘The Leopard Boy’, displaying exactly the same marks on his body corresponding with the bullet wounds in his bushranging father’s body.

Come all Australian sons with me
For a hero has been slain
And cowardly butchered in his sleep
Upon the Lachlan Plain.

Pray do not stay your seemly grief
But let a teardrop fall
For many hearts shall always mourn
The fate of bold Ben Hall.

No brand of Cain e’er stamped his brow,
No widow’s curse did fall;
When tales are read the squatters dread
The name of bold Ben Hall.

The records of this hero bold
Through Europe have been heard,
And formed a conversation
Between many an Earl and Lord.

Ever since the good old days
Of Dick Turpin and Duval,
Knights of the road were outlaws bold,
And so was bold Ben Hall.

He never robbed a needy man,
His records best will show,
Staunch and loyal to his mates,
And manly to the foe.

Until he left his trusty mates,
The cause I ne’er could hear,
The bloodhounds of the law heard this
And after him did steer.

They found his place of ambush,
And cautiously they crept,
And savagely they murdered him
While the victim slept.

Yes, savagely they murdered him,
The cowardly blue-coat imps,
Who were laid onto where he slept
By informing peelers’ pimps.

No more he’ll mount his gallant steed,
Nor range the mountains high,
The widow’s friend in poverty –
Bold Ben Hall, good-bye.