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SOURCE:Australian Melodist No 20
Mitchell library 784.8/A
Specially sung by HARRY ALLNUTT
Written by Pat Finn.


I am crazy! and I’m cranky!
And I’m mad with wild delight,
For a cable tells me lanky
Peter Jackson’s won the fight
From the lanky Paddy Slavin,
Our picked pet pugilist—
Who’s been knocked out by great Peter
With his beautiful black fist.
Oh! it must have been a picnic!
A glorious, gorgeous sight!
For the cable can’t be crooked
When thus get black and white.

They say that Slavin’s sickly!
(Humph! well that’s not Peter’s fault)
Though they found the ailment quickly,
After Peter gave him ” salt.”
Had it happened Paddy Slavin
Had dealt Pete the knock-out blow—
Now I seriously ask you
Would he want another “go?”
Would they thirst for satisfaction
In another stand-up bout?
No! not had Peter Jackson
By our Slavin been knocked put.

And the fight, at last, is over !
And it’s been a dreadful sell—
Now what about the colour line
And Sullivan, J. L.
Will “Sully” tackle Peter;
Say, ” Sully,” are you game ?
Perhaps “Sully” thinks that Peter
May sully ” Sully’s” name.
There’s however one thing certain –
Should they meet – well, on the night,
The famous J L Sullivan
Will know there’s been a fight.