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source: Music hall song.
Published Imperial Songster 1917

Les Darcy

We all get a craving to roam
Far from home over the foam
We long other lands for to see
And the thought fills our hearts with glee

An Australian lad we knew so well
Was sent home to add to his name
Which was covered with glory
You all know the story

Fairer one ne’er played the game
And that was young Les Darcy
Whom we all know was so ill-advised
When the sad news reached us

How the tears bedimmed our eyes
It was his great ambition
To fight at the Golden Gate
But the voice that called him from us
Proved to be the sad bells of fate

Picture his loved ones at home
How they mourn now he has gone
So modest and thoughtful was he
A better son ne’er could be
The world is the poorer today

By the loss of this champion so fine
True hearts will regret him
And none will forget him
Memories laurel wreath ever will twine