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The Folklore of Sydney Project 2004–2006


An Overview

Survey Fields


This folklore project, the first of its kind in Australia, commenced on the 1st February, 2003, and ran for two years.

The program was very much a sweeping broom in as much as it also documented other findings (i.e. not necessarily Sydney-related). It would not make sense to ignore such material. THis website was commenced and findings were documented here regularly.

Much of the work came from my assault on the Mitchell Library and State Library of New South Wales. This is a marvellous resource and the Chief Librarian and Mitchell staff have proved extremely helpful and enthusiastic, which is always a bonus when one is working on the ‘needle in a haystack’ theory.

I would also like to acknowledge Valda Low who built my site and is maintaining it. It is a labour of love and, to be honest, I would be lost without her support. I think Valda has done a great job in making the site easy to navigate. I recommend her Simply Australia site to all those folks interested in the wide spectre of Australian history, lore and music.

I broke the material into sections and more sections were added in due course. My main concern at the start of the project was to gather in as much material as possible. There was a lot of crossover material so one subject did not necessarily appear under its obvious heading. The categories (see survey fields) were simply a filing system and a broad one at that!

Part of this program has been undertaken in cooperation with the Library Council of New South Wales and I am presenting it at various libraries. The aim, of course, is to encourage members of the community to perform and contribute – be they seniors or children. I have found this particularly effective in working with ethnic communities.