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Artists and Reader Contributions 


I had the privilege of knowing Frank French in his association with Pact Folk operating out of the YWCA basement in Liverpool St in I think 1970/1971. With two talented musicians, we formed a trio that became known as “Harvest Wine”. We auditioned for Frank and were over the moon to receive a Saturday evening segment and our performance tho raw was received graciously by a wonderful Pact Folk audience…… you know what I mean! And to put things in perspective I was 17 at the time, Gerard Crawford a brilliant classical guitarist at just 16 had been selected as part of a prestigious group of young musicians to participate in acoustic tests for the Sydney Opera House and Colin Best our very talented base guitarist. 

Over the course of a month or two and having a few appearances under our belt Frank invited us to take up the position of resident performers and for a time we featured on the advertised agenda of performing artists every Saturday night at Pact. I do have three advertisements for Pact Folk in which Harvest Wine is among the list of other performers that we all know. (attached)
While none of us went on with careers in music we do share the fondest recollections of that time and especially of the kindness, interest and encouragement that Frank and all associated with Pact extended to us.
It’s great to see your pages and know that there are those out there keeping the vitality of those great days alive. Great work!
Bernie Barrett