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Take Me Up The Harbour – sung by Warren Fahey recorded 2009


SOURCE: Imperial Songster No. 83, published by The Tivoli, in Sydney, 1909.
It is attributed to Gray & Bennett.

Take Me Down the Harbour



Now Gertie’s a girl, a sweet little pearl,
She works down in the city;
And she has a beau, his name is Joe,
So handsome and so witty.
On each Saturday, when he gets his pay,
A message soon he’s reading:
“I feel quite alone, ring me up on the phone,
You’re just the one I’m needing.”

Take me down the harbour
On a Sunday afternoon –
To Manly Beach or Watson’s Bay,
Or round to Coogee for the day;
Call around to Clifton,
Or Mosman, it will do,
Dear old harbour, Sydney Town,
They can’t beat you.

Way over the tide, how softly they glide,
Out on the harbour ferry,
Whilst music so sweet makes life feel complete,
Their hearts are light and merry,
Then homeward once more, they part on the shore,
And Joe says to his girlie,
“If you feel alone, ring me up on the phone,
And call me quick and early.”