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SOURCE: From Back Country or the Cheerful Adventures of a bush parson in the eighties. J W Eisdell. 1936. The song is known in several versions including ‘The Basket of Oysters’.

Bung Your Eye

As Jack went a roving down a fair Sydney street
A girl with a basket he chanced for to meet
A girl with a basket he chanced for to spy
With good Holland’s gin, if you wished for to buy

Says Jack, “To be serious, what have you got there?”
“Good Holland’s gin, I vow and declare
Good Holland’s gin if you wish for to buy
And the name that they call it is ‘Young bung your eye.”

Now Jack he bought the basket and right away went
To look in the basket it was his intent,
But in two or three minutes a young child did cry
Then up in his arms he took young Bung Your Eye.

Now he took the child home without any delay
To get the child christened by a parson straight away
Said the parson, “I’ll christen the baby bye and bye,
What name will you call it?” Says Jack, “Bung your eye.”

“Bung your eye,” says the parson, “This is a droll name.”
“Damn it all,” says the sailor, “A rum way it came,
Instead of bad liquor my sea stock to buy,
They have made me the dad of young Bung Your Eye.”

Now all you young sailors who roam Sydney’s streets,
If a girl with a basket you chance for to meets,
The course that I give you is steer ‘full and by’
Or they’ll make you the dad of a young ‘Bung Your Eye.’