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Across the Seven Seas The Australian Maritime Collection view

SOURCE: collected from Ben Bright.
A version appears in in Stan Hugill’s Shanties of the Seven Seas as a pumping song.

The Handy Barque The Campanero

Well, the skipper said to the mate, you’ve got ringworms in your date,
You’ve got dead-eyes in your ears, oh, I can find-oh,
You’re a dirty old son of a bitch, you’ve given everybody the itch,
You’re not fit to be the mate of the Campanero.

Then the mate in a rankin’, threw the skipper onto the plankton,
Saying: it’s not me you’re going to fear-o,
If I’m not a dirty old bitch, you’re more like a lousy old swan,
Than the captain of the barque, the Campanero.

Now, the mate he went a-shore, and we never saw him no more
The skipper sent ashore his bag-shillero;
What with the mate, the skipper, the pump, I was nearly off me chump,
Aboard o’ the handy barque, the Campanero.