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150th Anniversary of Rail

track list

01 The Brocklebank Engineers
02 I Came Over From Ireland
03 The Night Express
04 Cant-hook and Wedges
05 On The Queensland Railway Lines
06 The Sunshine Disaster
07 The Ten Penny Bit  - Frost is All Over
08 Billy Sheehan
09 Only One More Drink
10 The Dying Fettler
11 The Shooting of The Crow
12 The Trumpet - Ned's Favourite
13 The Sandy Hollow Line
14 Navvy on the Line
15 The Woy Woy Workers' Train

From the 1972 album featuring Tony Suttor, Liora Claff, Ned Alexander, Paddy Mclaughlan, Jack Fallis and Warren Fahey


From smoking steam locomotives to silver bullet trains the railway has played a vital role in the transport history of our country. It moved sheep, wool, cattle, coal, depression workers, soldiers, commuters, and it moved our hearts with song, poems, yarns and memories.