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Warren Fahey


NOW $25 + $12 postage in Australia.

Pay by PayPal to wfahey@bigpond.net.au or, if preferred, go to the site’s shop then ‘books’ and it is the last item and has a direct mail order. Apologies about the postage (blame AustPost). The book is 360 pages.

KEEP SAFE EVERYONE – 2021 has to be a better year.

NEW: Over 100 Music Videos. (See under ‘Performance’ on main menu bar) with introductions.

I hope you enjoy travelling down these Australian highways and byways. These songs, poems, ditties, stories, yarns, toasts and snippets of history are a celebration of Australia’s unique tradition.

Here you will find, possibly with the help of our search engine (top right-hand side of page, a deep swag of folklore, curious history, over 3000 songs, poems and ditties, various indexes and facsimile reproductions, rare photographs and illustrations, lists of superstitions, children’s chants and rhymes, e-books, videos, podcasts and real-time streaming. There are also numerous articles about Australian social history, folklore and music.

Recently I have added a large number of sound files, mostly from my folklore recording expeditions in the very early seventies when it was still (just) possible to record bush singers who had been born in the late nineteenth century. I intend to keep adding these files as I believe they offer a wonderful opportunity to hear how the songs have travelled down through the years.

There are several sections on my work as a folklorist, record producer, author, performer and oral historian including guides to my oral history (1972 onwards) and my manuscript collections (part one deposited 2004) which are housed in the National Library of Australia.

I believe I am in a unique position as a folklore collector in as much as I am also a performer. This allows me to collect and develop and, eventually, reintroduce songs back to the communities that created them. I have often said I am a ‘folklore recycling unit’ and if I have a ‘mission’ in life then it is the popularisation of Australia’s folklore – both past and present. The passion has been to make our people feel ‘more Australian’ by understanding where we have come from and folklore can certainly help in that direction.

The site is large, busy and updated regularly including visitor contributions (which are always welcomed and acknowledged). As a collector of traditional material, my motivation is to reintroduce it back to the community from where it came. All I ask is that the original informant or copyright owner, be credited along with myself as the collector or originator. It would always be appreciated if you could recommend this site as the source. Even better if you purchased a book or CD from our store – this helps the wheels turn.

Warren Fahey

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