Mrs Susan Colley


Bathurst Home for the Aged
Recorded 1973




Now then, I happened to be born on a very frosty morn
Quite contagious in the town of Woolloomooloo
And it was in old Riley street, where folks first heard me bleat
For at the time I’d nothing else to do

When I grew up a lad I went straight into the bad
And I soon became a most accomplished thief
But the government was kind, they didn’t seem to mind
For in Darlinghurst they granted me relief

(Comments: that was the big goal)

I was watched with constant care and they used to cut my hair
And for six months I wasn’t allowed to roam
But my visits I’ll renew twixt there and Woolloomooloo
And in either place I’ll find a welcome home

For my name it is McCarty, I came from the Old Darty
My father drives a carty when ‘e’s nothing else to do
But he is very lazy, always drunk and nearly crazy
Gone wrong along with the boozing throng
That loaf’s in Woolloomooloo

Father he’d get tight and then mother and he would fight
And ‘alf the time they used to spend in goal
They were known to the police for they always broke the peace
And not a soul would ever go their bail

So when I grew up a lad, I went straight into the bad

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