Roeburn. WA 1977
Recorded Australian folklore Unit tape 68

Mrs Mack lived in the Aboriginal settlement in the township of roeburn, WA. She was about 80 years old and did not know her actual birthdate. She was known locally as a traditional song carrier. The recording took place on a blanket on the front lawn of her house surrounded by her extended family.

She sang several songs accompanying herself with a stick which she hit on a tin pie dish.

  • Song about a tribal meeting
  • Second song about a tribal meeting
  • Social corroboree piece
  • Song about a Chinaman getting his teeth extracted.
  • Song about a train of camels coming down from Hammesly (Mining town).

Tape 69 … Wannie Mack talks

  • Sings old song
  • Sings Northern Territory/Bathurst Island children’s song about Tractor
  • Sings song about Cotton
  • Sings Country Roads

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