The following list includes only those who were killed between 1862 and 1867 :—

Daniel Crotty (mailman), shot dead, near Marengo, August 16, 186-Peter Clarke, (drover), shot dead by Wilson.

John M’Bride (miner), shot dead by Gilbert and Lowry.

M’Ginnity (sergeant), shot dead by Morgan.

Smith (sergeant), shot by Morgan, died of his wounds.

M’Lean (station hand), shot dead by Morgan.

Parry, E. (sergeant), shot dead by Gilbert.

Chinaman (name unknown), shot dead by Morgan.

Nelson (constable), shot dead by Dunn.

Chinaman (name unknown), shot dead by Clarke’s gang.

O’Grady (constable), shot dead by Clarke’s gang.

Another Chinaman, shot dead by Clarke’s gang.

Constable Raymond, shot dead by Crookwell and others.

Commissioner Grenfell, shot dead near Narromine.  Special constables Carroll, Phegan, M’Donnell, and Kennagh, shot dead at Jindera by Clarke’s gang, January 9, 1867.

James Dornen, alias Bill Scott, alias the Long Tailor, murdered, it is believed, by Clarke’s gang to prevent his giving information.

Noonang (half-caste, bush telegraph), murdered it is believed by Clarke’s gang to prevent his giving information.

Number of bushrangers shot or hanged, 23.
Total number of persons murdered by bushrangers, 20.

Total lives sacrificed, from 1862 to 1867, 44. 

Of those who died of their wounds after lingering some time, or who were maimed for life, there is no return.  Doubtless there were cases, also, of persons murdered by the bushrangers whose bodies were never discovered, as in the case of “ German Bill,” at one time mate of Morgan, who was wounded by Senior-Constable Brown, the night Mr. Bayliss was wounded, and whose sufferings there is good grounds for believing Morgan ended by shooting him through the head to prevent his giving any information to the authorities, into whose hands he must have fallen.