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Urban myths


Golfer dies after chewing on golf tees. Apparently true. Tee sprayed with poisonous insecticide.
Poisoned glue Glue on bank auto deposit slips laced with cynanide
One last kiss. Common story where man is mangled by a machine and wants to give his wife one last kiss. Been around for 50 years or more.
Mobile phone murder. Little girl 3 year old is in hospital with a minor surgery and while she is on the life supporting machine it stops and she dies (she was also an only child) ñ apparently some fool was using his mobile phone outside of the operating theatre and interfered with the machine.
Man goes blind Man goes blind after his contact lens fused to his eyes after a faulty switch sent a current through his body.
Pointsettia Pointsettia trees are poisonous. No they are not!
Giant Black Panther Urban myths, you say? Probably the best one that I can think of is the “giant black panther” that supposedly roams outer western Sydney. There have many “alleged sightings”, but like all good urban myths, no firm evidence.