Turning the Turf

Iron Road


Turning the turf on the first Australian railway.
Commemorative silk program held in the Mitchell Library
The program details the music played on this day at the luncheon.

God Save The Queen
The Grand March
Prince Albert’s march
The Roast Beef if Old England
Railway Gallop
British Grenadiers/Rule Britannia
Here’s a Health to all Good Lasses
For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow
National Anthem

Retired rail & Tramwaymen. 1942


A stuttering sailor aboard the Shirley Ann who, just as the ship was getting out to sea, dashed up the bridge to the Captain. He was out of breath, and in a state of great excitement – stuttering and splattering and unable to get a word out.
The Captain, who knew the sailor well, shouted: “Sing it, man! Sing it!”

The sailor looked at him and began:
Should old acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind
The blooming cook fell overboard
And he’s half a mile behind.

Retired Rail and Tramwaymen. 1945