Transport Of Yesteryear




RON KERR – reminiscences of a working drover



Transport Of Yesteryear


Sulkies and buggies, our one time transportation
That serves us well over their duration
Made of hickory and oak
With hard wood in the spokes


With fancy harness ad brass buckles
They carried you to town, for your goods and shackles
Fancy studded winkers, back saddle and britches
Collars, breastplates, all with double stitching


Brightly painted, with padded seats
Eye catching scrolls on the footboard cleats
Multi colours of the under bellies
Steel tires over hickory felly


Pulled by a brace in pair
Groomed up with special care
They trotted along in stile
Kept in time mile after mile


They carried the families to town
To do their shopping or look around
Their sulkies and buggies stood in the shade
Along with the horses wagons and drays


The heavier horses were part of the labour force
Useful commodities, was the working horse
With the single columns, of the bore drain delving teams
Or snigging logs for the milling of construction beams


Use for plough and dray, or weekend fun
Well care for and cheep to run
Used in war like centenaries before
The transport of yester year that used no more


They have been replaced with the motorcar
Along with hard roads covered with tar
The sulkies and buggies you’ll see no more
The wagons and drays are gone from the stores