RON KERR – reminiscences of a working drover



drinking toasts



You asked about drinking toasts. One I recall from around the drover’s fires went  –


Here’s to the girl that lives on the hill,
She won’t do it – but her sister will!
Here’s to her sister!


I was in the Wanning pub (west of Bourke) and these two big blokes were in an argument. Laurie Halfpenny and another big bruiser were talking fight so the publican told them to get outside. As they were headed out the door Halfpenny said, “I’ll eat this bastard”. Well, they punched and clawed each other until halfpenny walked back in and spat out some hair and a piece of ear on to the bar saying to the publican, “There’s half of him”.

Another time, at a shearing shed, the boss looked back into the pens to see sheep lying all over the place. The boss screamed at the penner  “What’s wrong with them sheep?” The reply came back, “They wouldn’t go into the shed so I tap them on the head with this stick (which was about 18 inches long).” The boss glared at him saying “How long has this been going on? The penner said “Well, this stick was 6 foot long when I started.”