The Seven Two

Iron Road


Attributed to ‘Johnson 28’ who also illustrated it.

There are trains on every roster,
That are tough and hard to do,
Some are packed right to the scuppers,
You just push and tumble through,
But the daddy of the ‘heavies’
Packed in tight the whole way through,
And we dread the daily ‘strafing’
Of the Seven Thirty Two.

We are steaming out of Strathfield,
Up the bank we’re moving slow,
And a tearful little flapper
Sobs out “Please get off my toe”
And be-whiskered, ancient smokers,
Roar grunt and snarl at you,
As you crush their corns and Stetsons,
On the Seven Twenty two.

Steady now! The track is bumpy
You just lurch and fall around,
You crush a foot beneath you,
Oh! My ticket can’t be found,
That’s one and tuppence ha’penny,
Oh! How horrid, season too!
And you grimly write excess fares
On the Seven Twenty Two.

They are packed on every platform,
How they groan as they press by,
Hold your breath! my, new silk stockings!
And a lady starts to cry;
Then you murmur, oh, so sorry,
Once again start shoving through,
The fat ones sigh, as you go by,
On the Seven Twenty Two

Now we’re rushing on through Newtown,
Getting breathing space again,
And you seem a bit more steady,
You are nearly through the train,
When you reach the last car platform,
What relief it is to you,
For the passengers are angry
On the Seven Twenty Two.

There may be trains more crowded
Full of flappers dressed so neat,
But it’s not so nice to hear ’em,
When you stand upon their feet,
Let’s hope I get no stouter,
For fat men would never do,
To collect and see the tickets,
On the Seven Twenty Two.

The Railroad 1929