So You Wont To Be A Bull Thrower




RON KERR – reminiscences of a working drover



So You Wont To Be A Bull Thrower


Basic needs are a ton of guts and no brains
Putting your life on the line for someone else’s gain
Ride like a madman through stumps, logs and timber
Like playing Russian roulette, or similar


Hair raising rides following cleanskin bulls
Hopeful that your horse can keep on his feet
As catching up at speed there are no set rules
Dodging hazards the main thing to beat


Up on the hocks both bull and horse at even pace
Waiting for the timber to open, giving a little space
The timing to leave your horse, taking the bull by the tail
With the extra weight, the beast most likely will bail


His first reaction is to remove you from his rear
Weapons are a pair of wide shinning horns
Honed to sharp points like a pair of well kept spears
Taken from behind, for the first time since being born


With his head, he goes into a spin
Now it’s man against beast, in a contest to win
The thrower wait for the foreleg to bend
With a quick pull of tail to head, the over balance contest ends


With the bull on his side, hind legs are strapped
Then he’s dehorned while laid out flat
Let up into coachers with a head all polled
The bull is still a fighter but can be brought under control


Not all times is the thrower successful
Some times he under estimates the bull
When he whips around quick at the touch of his tail
With the rider on foot there will be a fight without fail


The rider keeps a tree trunk, between himself and the bull
Sometime using his shirt to distract than adjourns
Both will fight another day, as a thrower never wins them all
Just another chalked up loss, that one day will be on recall


There is no disgrace to miss a bull of a thousand pounds in weigh
When you have to leave your horse on the run, at half pace
Then pit yourself against the bull, with the brush of the tail around your hand
When he charges around, you know everything is going to plan