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Dear Mr Fahey

I understand you are seeking true stories involving experiences with the ‘supernatural’?

My first story involves incidents that occurred when I was in my early teens and living in my grandparents home in Campsie. This was in the early to mid 60s. My grandfather died in front bedroom of the house in 1957.

The house was from an era where there were no indoor toilets. Our toilet was approximately 15-20 metres from the back door of the house.  The house had a number of those light switches that were operated by pulling a cord. These cords had a plastic bead at the end for weight and there was such a cord just inside the back door. My brothers, sister and I often experienced something strange when we were in the toilet.  Although we knew the house was empty and the back door secured, we could often hear the cord being rattled against the architrave – the same sound that occurred whenever we turned the lights on or off. When we returned to the house the sound would stop and there was no breeze present that could have caused such an event.

Other strange occurrences involved the sudden opening of a door leading from the hallway to the lounge room where we would be sitting watching television and the sudden opening of a holland blind. The blind would just fly up all of a sudden for no reason and without any obvious fault in the mechanism. None of these events ever caused us any real concern as we just put it down to our grandfather letting us know his spirit was present.

A more recent experience occurred in our present home in Beverley Park. About 10 or so years ago, my wife or I would feel a presence in our bedroom – usually very late at night when we had been asleep for some time. The presence would cause one of us to wake and for a brief moment we could see the image of a young girl in a nightdress standing at our bedroom door. As soon as we opened our eyes fully, the image would disappear. At first we thought it was our younger daughter who was about 5 years old at the time but then we realised it was some form of spirit. The young girl never moved or made any sound. She just stood there. We have no idea who she was or why she appeared and we haven’t seen the image for some years now.

I trust these events may be of interest to you.

Yours faithfully,
Patrick McMahon