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Checked your site, I like what you’re doing, keep up the good work!

Of course both my hearses have a well documented history of strange
occurrences too, with people feeling weird, or very cold, or very hot,
getting touched and so on, but apart from that, here’s a few in brief that are mentioned on my tour but are not in his book.

Tusculum House, Manning St Potts Point:
Security guards are often called out to check alarms going off but there is nothing there. I was with psychic Debbie Malone one time when she told me she saw a lady (ghost) on the balcony dressed as a nurse. She didn’t know until later when I told her, that Tusculum House was once a nursing home.

East Sydney Technical College (former Darlinghurst Gaol):
When we stop the hearse outside the Forbes St gates, people in the hearse very often feel tightness around the throat or neck, get a feeling of constriction, have trouble swallowing or even gasp for breath. This is where the hangings originally took place (1840’s), and as soon as we drive away from that spot they feel ok again. I’ve spoken to a security guard there who has confirmed
that some of the other guards have experienced things such as lights going on and off unexplainably. Their own website mentions a head without a body seen in the staff toilet block which is built on the spot where the permanent gallows (1870’s) was built. I’ve spoken to staff that have confirmed the ghosts there and don’t like to be there at night.

Kilmory, Wentworth St, Point Piper:
Originally a residence for a well known dr, built in 1915. Then for many years owned by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. Owned for a couple of years from 1999 by Rodney Adler (FAI Insurance) but now undergoing redevelopment. A number of psychic people on the tour have felt the presence of nuns when we have stopped by the main gate…we believe it’s occupied by the ghosts of the nuns that lived there when it included a dormitory that Adler demolished.

Mortuary Station near Redfern:
Purpose built train station to take the
departed to Rookwood. The psychics on the tour all say there’s a lot of
activity there. They see young girls in white dresses, an old lady on the
platform pushing a Victorian era pram, and you will often feel the different
atmosphere by simply putting your hand through the gate. The air there is
colder and you feel pin pricks through your fingers. I’ve seen many pictures
taken there that have orbs (balls of light or energies) in them.

Haunted Hyatt:
This one’s not mentioned on the tour because we don’t have time, however:
Millenium Hotel (formerly Hyatt Hotel. KX): Room 1247, a man awoke to a
female spirit completely overpowering him and he could actually see the face
hovering 8″ in front of his face. It was terrifying with bright red eyes and
a red glow all around it. He was in such shock after the “attack” that he
went to the desk and demanded another room. The desk clerk scoffed and said
he thought the guy had been hallucinating. A few months later the man read
in the paper that John Farnham had been in the same room and had the same

Former Children’s Orphanage now part of the Uni of Western Sydney in their
grounds at Parramatta:

On our Parramatta tour several persons have claimed
to see the ghost of a young child in the windows. Several security guards
have confirmed this to me personally also.

Gore Hill Cemetery:
Sometimes we’ve been to the Gore Hill Cemetery. You can notice a definite coldness as you go through the Leach Gate there into the old Catholic section. It makes the hair on your arm stand up. I’ve seen many strange photos taken there. One time we were there with a psychic who said that a ghost of a convict was following us around. Another time someone on the tour heard a baby crying. We looked down and there was the grave of a young child!