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‘The “Mudgee Independent” reported that the Lang family who lived
24 miles from Cooyal were being troubled by falling stones. According to the family the stones would fall through the roof
or float through the air without the slightest warning, Mrs Lang said
when a stone fell on the floor it fell with a dull thud & appeared
to be black in colour”.

When asked if the stones had ever hit anyone she replied that some of her children had been struck but never very hard. They described it as being as if a small
bag of feathers had struck them. On the first evening Mr Lang was
returning home with a bag of flour on a pack horses – on approaching the house the animal showed reluctance to proceed further. On being unpacked he immediately bolted.

At that moment the stones started to tall for the first time. During the evening & on each successive evening from 5pm till 9 or 10 pm the stones continued to fall. On several occasions they floated into thehouse -sometimes in a diagonal position -at other times horizontally .

One evening a flat stone floated in at the door, struck a kerosene lamp on table, turned and knocked against half a dozen plates causing them to roll to the floor, fortunately nothing was broken. The stones, although not seen by the reporter were said to be about 5″ in diameter, nearly circular in shape & flat…’