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Further to your radio interview on 2UE this morning.

I am sure I am not providing new information by telling you that there is reputedly a female ghost in the cellar of the Hero of Waterloo Hotel in the Rocks – apparently the victim of foul play in the 19th century. She featured in a walking tour of the area I did a number of years ago. But I don’t wish to assume. I am sure the publican will assist.

Another story is of a ghost who perches on an overhanging rock along the road down into Galston Gorge from the west. We were told of this over 30 years ago when I was around 20 years old. ‘Friend of a friend of a friend’ stuff – but there may be something to it. I believe the ghost was male, but have no idea of its history, manner of death or reason for being there (other than, perhaps, just to provide a story to amuse young people in cars late at night on a dark, winding road.

Hope this helps.
Gary Squire