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Visitors to the room often find they have difficulty breathing, some cannot even enter the room. Others get an overwhelming feeling of a “bad” spirit or “Evil” in the room. There have also been reports of drops in temperature and cold spots in and around the corner where the violence is reported to have happened. The Blue Room would be the most haunted and most troubled of all the rooms in Government House.

Of course it’s not just the Blue Room that is haunted. I felt a very strong feeling of some strange presence in one of the lower rooms. The air had a feel to it that others could also pick up on.

Listed here are a few of the other sightings reported by both the staff of Government house and the visitors:

  • A guardian on duty in the old dining room met a ghostly servant girl standing by the dining table. The ghostly figure dressed in costume appeared quite content to chat. No one knows what the two said to each other the guardian is now deceased and can no longer tell the full story.
  • One of the managers of Government House often heard voices coming from the old dining room. The voices always stopped as soon as she entered the room.
  • On a ghost tour one night a group with a guide were gathered in a room when a wraith circled around the outside of the group and exited out the doorway into the long dark hallway.
  • A guide was letting a couple out one of the back doors, as he was saying good bye he could see a ghostly figure of a man standing in the hallway just near him.
  • Once again during the ghost tour a ghost was spotted standing in the corner of the cellar whilst the groups of visitors were upstairs enjoying their supper.
  • One visitor one night reported of her legs having the feeling of being whipped across the backs of them.
  • A visitor felt herself being pushed/forced forward from the back of her neck whilst standing outside near where the convict huts used to be. As soon as she stepped forward the feeling stopped.

Government House is also the site of the first reported UFO sighting in Australia. In the early 1800’s one of the workers was out in the field just near Old Government House – he reported of seeing an “ark” in the sky. He said he was abducted by this “ark” taken up into it and later woke up back in the field. This was before planes were invented. Could he have seen a UFO and been abducted?

Old Government House is located at:
Parramatta Park
Pitt and Macquarie Streets, Parramatta