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I read in the Stay in Touch column you were looking for ghost stories.

To verify this one, you may contact the minister concerned, Reverend Roger Kay. (He was at the Anglican Church at Lane Cove last time I was in touch with him.)

During the 90’s, Rev. Kay was the minister at the church I attended – St Michael’s Church, Surry Hills. When he came to us he was a quaint sort of man who grew up in Tasmania. (He reminded me of someone out of a Jane Austen novel). Rev Kay wasn’t quite sure what to say or do when a young woman contacted him saying that there was a ghost in her house – things kept moving, lights and electrical appliances went on and off, etc….

He visited the young woman at her old Elizabeth St terrace, heard her story, then thought he would investigate a bit further (just to see if she was crazy, I guess). He asked one of the neighbours, “Is there anything unusual about the house next door?”

“Oh, no,” replied the neighbour, “everything there is pretty normal, except for the ghost of course!”

Even though he was not one to believe in such things, Rev Kay felt that the young woman could do with some sort of help. On his next visit, he asked the student minister, Gavin Wilcox, to join him. They decided to go up to the woman’s bedroom, since that was where most of the “activity” happened. The weather had been fine when they first arrived at the house , but just as they started to pray an almighty thunderstorm hit right overhead. (I was driving at the time and had a view of the city The sky turned quite an unusual shade of green in the area around Central Station. Rev Kay had told me of this appointment and I remember thinking, “WOW, that’s some powerful prayer meeting going on”). Now the weather may have been “just a coincidence”, but the seeming special effects really impressed all in attendance.

After the prayers the girl was not bothered again by the ghost and Rev Kay now has a somewhat less sceptical approach to the supernatural.

Yours sincerely
Margaret Fox