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Nov 8. 2004.

it was spring in 1997. walking from Lindfield station to home on Provincial road. it was a lovely springy day, birds chirping, flowers greeting people along the way home. there it was, a beautiful bush with pink flowers. as the bush overspill across the house fence so i thought it would be fine to pick just two pink flowers to brighten up my study desk as i was not, technically, trespassing. that very same night, i had this strange dream. i dreamt of two caucacians men, both holding onto my arms on each side as if they were taking Ned Kelly

to meet his destiny. they brought me to front this tablet with Asian type of wordings on it. The man on my right pointed to the floor, never once they spoke but i understood what he wanted me to do, it was as if they communicated with me telepathy. he wanted me to kneel in front of the tablet and kowtow three times. And just like scary movies, after the three kowtows, poof, i woke up!

Standing in front of mirror whilst changing the next morning, i noticed the hand prints (not red, but blue black like those you bumped yourself into something and stayed for a few days type of blue black marks) on both of my arms. you might say that i might have hold myself while dreaming. But trust me, the position of the hand prints, it is impossible to do that to yourself unless you are elastic man.

Since then, i never picked another flower be it cultivated or wild ones. I praised their beauty their scent but never never pluck them away from their roots again. All i can gather from the dream is that the flowers’ spirits wanted me to apologise for my action. but the thing i cannot understand is why caucacians spirit guards and why an shinto type of tablet (u know those with little cupboards japanese tablets)?

as far as i know, that house is not owned by Asian family.

I hope this personal experience interests you. it is a true experience cross my heart and swear to GOD.


Rachael T
Maroubra, nsw

P.S. those hand prints didn’t fade away for good one week, usually blue black marks hurts when you touch them, but these blue black hand prints didn’t hurt at all. why don’t they hurt judging the amount of squeeze you need to exert to create those hand prints?