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8th Nov 04

My sister once attended a seance at the house of her ex-fiance’s mother’s friend, in the mid 1980s. The house was adjacent to the site of Old Government Farm at Castle Hill, down the hill west of Oakhill College.

The friend, Peggy, claimed to be psychic and that she had sometimes seen a male figure in colonial dress- either the full figure or the top half, walking in or standing in the house, particularly in doorways.

My sister is a very matter-of-fact person and is not much into ghosties. The friend, Peggy, is also your standard WASP, tell-it-like-it-is type of lady. My sister said the seance itself was the most eerie thing she has ever experienced, and it made her convinced that there are things we can’t explain.

During the seance they heard the voice of a man who said his name was John and the definite feeling of a very real presence. It wasn’t frightening, just really unsettling as she could not figure out how or why Peggy would be able to “set it up” and fake it. She was utterly convinced there was no explanation for what she heard and felt. There were other details but I forget them now- there was a full name and other details I think like he was a teacher.

Anyhoo Peggy then went to the Mitchell Library to research Old Government Farm and surrounds, and looked up the name she had been given by the ghost. Sure enough, she found that there really was a teacher with that name, and some of the other details matched up, too. Spooky, and cool.

My same no-nonsense sister had a new “most eerie thing I have ever experienced” experience more recently in her family holiday cabin on the Hawkesbury River, near Windsor. She woke through the night to see torchlight and a male figure leaning over her oldest son’s bunk. She thought it was her husband but realised that he wasn’t as big as her husband AND that her husband was still in bed beside her. She quickly woke her husband, and got up to check her son- the male figure had completely vanished, with no sign or sound, and her son, who is a notoriously restless sleeper, who always kicks the covers on to the ground, was neatly tucked into his bunk. Again- spooky, and cool.

Best wishes with your research,
Leonie Atkinson