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8th November 2004
Telephone conversation (via Tim Duddy)
Mrs Rosie McDuie
‘Greenheyes’ via Murrurundi. NSW

“When we bought the old house, about 20 years ago, it was a shambles and had been abandoned for some time. There was hardly any furniture and it was on two levels. One night soon after we had moved in my husband had a friend over and they were downstairs talking late in the evening. I had been working and was tired so went to the attic bedroom to get away from the noise. It was about 2am and I was trying to get to sleep when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs but the footsteps kept coming for what seemed a very long time – I assumed it was my husband trying to get me to join them downstairs.

I turned the light on and waited and then the bed started to shake really violently. I was knocking my head against the wall and my feet were hitting the bed end. It shook for about a minute and I was truly terrified. I thought I might have been having a fit! (I’m a trained nurse). I didn’t know what it was but I had the feeling it was a woman shaking the bed a female presence – I also thought it might happen again – and it did! This time I hung on to the edge of the bed but it still shook violently – I kept trying to work out what it was – possibly the hot water system? When my husband inspected the bed he found that all the screws had become loose from the shaking.

But it wasn’t anywhere near the pipes. It had to be a ghost.

Anyway, about a week later (from the first shaking) another weird thing happened. We have a corner table in the living room and on it there’s a flat bowl with pot-pouri. I had gone to work one day at the hospital and when I came home the plate was smashed in the very centre of the room. It could not have been the cat as he was locked outside. What made it strange is that the plate was in the very centre of the room and had obviously been lifted into the air and dropped. But by what?

The house is pre 1868 and was once a hostel for shell-shocked soldiers and, prior to that, the house of the district magistrate. Anyway, eventually we had a sister at the hospital who knew a priest in Newcastle who visited the house, blessed it and we haven’t had anything strange happen since.