Postcode 2011 – Why I Live Where I Live

I was born in the inner-city in Paddington, Sydney. My father, George Fahey, always jokingly said: “Paddington born, Paddington bred, Strong in the arm, Weak in the head”.

I eventually moved to ‘leafy Woollahra’ and stayed for some 17 years until suburbia and the leaf-blowers got the better of me. Around 2000 I moved to an apartment in Potts Point. Potts, and its naughty little sister Kings Cross, was different back then. It was a mix of sleaze and urban revival and that’s what I was after. I was able to buy an old apartment with a harbour view before the prices sky-rocketed, and, thankfully, it turned out to be the best real estate decision I ever made. I love living in the thick of it, whatever ‘it’ is. It didn’t take long for me to become fascinated by the precincts of the 2011 postcode because it covers so much history.


The 2011 postcode precincts offer the high life, low life and very low life. It’s an exciting mix.


I will be adding sections for all the 2011 precincts including rare photographs, stories, diary entries and curious history.