Original Local Song




The following, obviously topical song, was published in the Barry O’Neil Songster, 1855.




Here’s Billy Barlow come before you once more,
‘Exactly the same as you’ve seen him before;
For, although it seems Strange’, ’tis a fad, you must know,
The world contains only one Billy Barlow.


Oh! oh! raggedy, oh!
Completely unique is Mister Barlow.


When I deigned to come out at my Sovereign’s command,
‘Twas to take the high office of Judge in this land;
But soon I found out the job was “no go,”
” Second fiddle” won’t do for Billy Barlow.


Oh! oh! raggedy, oh!
They’ll find nothing “puisne” in William Barlow.


Bob Low t’other day sent a letter to me,
“We can’t find a Gov’nor to suit us,” says he;
“If you’d like the billet, why, just let us know,
And we’ll give the appointment to Misier Barlow.”

Oh! oh! raggedy, oh!
What think you of ” Governor William Barlow?”


‘Twill be running for me to bear in the Street,
“There’s the Governor,” whiskered by people I meet;
But still, it would sound confoundedly low,
After the title of Billy Barlow.

Oh! oh! raggedy, oh!
The nobler of titles is Billy Barlow.


If a large requisition is laid at my feet,
I may be induced to accept of a seat,
For the new Council-chamber—and should it be so,
You’II hear of the “Hon’rable William Barlow.”

Oh! oh! raggedy, oh!
They’ll make a Col. Sec. of Billy Barlow.


If you wish me yourselves to represent you,
I can tell you one thing which I’d like you to do—
Just call at my mansion tomorrow, and show
A qualification for Billy Barlow.

Oh! oh! raggedy, oh!
The man for your money is Mister Barlow.


And now my good fellows, ere I say goodbye,
I’ve a favour to ask you – betwixt you and I –
When you go hame tonight, let nobody know,
That you’ve seen the remarkable Mister Barlow.

Oh! oh! raggedy, oh!
Keep it dark about seeing ‘great Billy Barlow.”


For the ladies – God bless ‘em – won’t let me alone,
Their attentions have worn me clean down to the bone;
Each fair one is longing to get for her beau,
The modern Adonis, young Billy Barlow.

Oh! oh! raggedy, oh!
He’s the pet of the ladies in Mr. Barlow.