Nice Girl

Iron Road


Jack Callaghan (coll WL) 1970 and published in Australian Tradition

When first set eyes upon her, how she took my breath away
Her tall and graceful figure, that gentle body sway.
My pulses were vibrating, only her my eyes could see,
And although she did not know it, she had captivated me.

So I asked the boys about her for I knew they knew her well
And I was left aghast dumbfounded at the tales they had to tell
I scarcely could believe it though I knew such things were true
That such dainty looking females could behave the way they do.

For they said she was a fast bitch, she was hungry, hot and rough,
That you had to fuss around her or the bitch would take the huff
She was getting men in trouble every time they took her out,
Cause she needed certain treatment, beyond the shadow of all doubt.

They said that when you were aboard her you would find her really tough
That although you’d do your damn’dest you could not shove it in enough
It was in and out eternal, she was always wanting more,
And she’d go to bits completely if you gave her one behind the door).

And although she looked so dainty and so charming and so clean,
It would seem that she was’ careless with her toilet and hygiene;
For I learned amid amazement, and I found out all about
How her snifter’s blocked and dirty, but she oft needs raking out .

Disgustedly I listened of her morals low and base
How her squirt was always leaking how she’d blow off in your face
That her horn stays were terrific, what a bitch she was to slip
And to crown it her discharger was completely up the shit

And it seemed she was a boozer from the way these fellows spoke
For they said, “If you can keep her pot full, you will find her okey doke
They kept on criticising and it did seem strange to me
For I was just the Loco clerk, and she was Avon P.

(P. = Big P Class Engines)