Navvy on the Line

Iron Road

Navvy On The Line

(Parody of The Cuckoo’s Nest)

I’m a navvy, I’m a navvy,
I’m a navvy on the line,
I get four and twenty bob a week,
Besides me overtime;
All the ladies love the navvies,
And the navvies love their fun.
They’ll be lots of little navvies
When the railway’s done.

Some like the girls, who are pretty in the face,
Others like the girls who are slim around the waist,
But I like the girl, who’ll take it in her fist.
And shove it right home into the magpie’s nest.


And in 2005 I located a ‘clean’ version, obviously a children’s ditty that ran:

I’m a navvy
I’m a navvy
Working on the line,
Five & twenty bob a week,
And all the overtime.
Roast beef, boiled beef,
Puddings made of eggs;
Up jumps a navvy
With a pair of sausage legs

(Anon. Published in Australian Voices. Penguin, circa 1960s)