Mulga Wires




RON KERR – reminiscences of a working drover



Mulga Wires


You can sit around a drover’s campfire –
There is talk of cattle, dogs, horses and their sires
What stock routes is in. good shape
From someone that had travelled them of late


Information on who had the latest bust
And most times find out, what made the cattle rush
How far before they stop the lead
If there is cattle short the news will travel with speed


For a chance meeting at different drovers fires
With the news past along the mulga wires
The news that s spread may not be that important
But these mulga wires makes the drover move with caution


And its fro« these mulga wires the drover gets his information
Where the best horse feed is; and who owns the station
How far behind is the next travelling mob
Those mulga wire’s are part of the droving job


They give information, of water not on the stock route
Where dry stages their horse water a little further out
The mulga wire tells were there could be poison weed
A spot where not to let your cattle feed


The message though the mulga cannot be ignored
They serve as travelling stock information board
The mulga wires do more good than harm
They let you know about the weather, evil or calm


For those that live and work in this isolation
Can tell you the value of the mulga wire communication
For the drover, camel driver and people on the stations
The mulga wires served without any segregation

Mulga wires are known to save disaster
Spread by south there nothing faster
Over the sand hills, deserts, with sparse population
The mulga wires take your message with freedom of information


With the update of the pedal wireless
The big transmitter was the answer to the golden wish
To reach out over to the distance flying doctor’s base
That even the chance of a life saving race


News travels to and from by way of conversation
Called the ‘magpie session’ between all the stations
A vigil is kept for possible dust storms or fires
These sightings went over the mulga wire