Mrs Rollinson had been in the women’s Auxiliary Air Force during WW2. She also had a large repertoire of 1940s popular songs.

Hush A Bye Radar

(Tune: Hush a Bye Baby)

“Hush a-bye radar, up in the blue,
Watched all the time by Archibald Screw,
When the shell bursts, the radar will fall,
Down comes observer, pilot and all”

Wrap Me Up In My Old Flying Jacket

(Tune: Stockwhip & Blanket)

Wrap me up in my old flying jacket
The one in which I used to soar
Give me my Mae West, my map and my goggles
And I’ll feel once again as of yore.

Fasten up the Jacket around me
Lift me into my place
For never would we say I would wind up
I’ve still got enough for the pace.

Wrap me up in my old flying Jacket
Give me the joy stick to hold
Let me fly once again over targets
Thus shall my exploits be told.

Oh ifs good to put on the old jacket
To hear the propeller go whirr
To sit by the engine is warming
And wait for the engine’s sweet purr.

We’re off over the line we will travel
To straff and to bomb is our aim
To win or to lose in a combat
But the game must be played just the same.

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