Wyoming, NSW
(Recorded Forbes)

Parody on Lancers

Third party cross over and fourth lady pass
And the fifth lady’s finger up the sixth lady’s arse
Bow to your partners, salute one and all
And the girl with the dirty arse
Turn your back to the wall.

Australian Alphabet

A is for arsehole all hairy and bare
B is for bastard wanting to get there
C is for cunt, all curly and moist
D is for dick that gets to it first.

R is for rooster we cannot approach
T was the turd who upset the mail coach

The Tree of Life

Here’s to the tree of life,
Long may it stand
It grows between two rocks
Upon the Isle of Man.

Here’s to that little plant
That doth around it twine
It comes in flower every month
And bears fruit once in nine

Toast to Beef

Here’s to the bull
That roams in the wood
That does the heifer
A great deal of good
If it wasn’t for him
And his great red rod
What would you do for beef, by God!

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