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Recorded Hotel Kingston 1971


I met Jim in a pub and over a few beers he sang me some songs. Actually, I had asked him where he came from and he sang me a ditty about that place. He was born at Araluen in 1920. I’m not sure if the gold prospecting verse refers to the early rushes or a note to returned WW1 ‘diggers’. I guess it could apply to both.




(Tune: Dinky Di)

There’s a neat little valley Australia can boast,
It’s called Araluen, not far from the coast.
It’s surrounded by mountains each side of the sea,
Everyone to their liking – Araluen for me.

Oh no! Mr Digger, you must not say that,
You’ll find it much better to be down in Crown Flat,
With a pick and a shovel and a dish in your hand,
You’ll find it much better than ploughing the land.

We got to talking about politics and Bob Menzies which prompted this song.



A Little Bit of Stew For Dinner

A little bit of bread for breakfast,
A bit you could hardly see,
A little bit of stew for dinner,
And nothing else for tea,
As we get daily thinner,
Thinner every day,
And one of these bright moonlight nights,
We’ll simply fade away.

Goodbye Mr Menzies, also Billy Hughes,
We never joined your Army,
To be frigged around by you,
Your Army is a failure,
Your bullring is a farce,
And as far as we’re all concerned –
You can shove it up your Bulli Pass.

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