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Source: Australian Melodist Songster
SITE SOURCE: Sydney Folklore – SECTION18: Bawdry Songs


Dame Durden kept five serving girls,
To carry the milking pail;
She also kept five labouring men
To use the spade and flail.

‘Twas Moll and bet, and Doll and Kate,
And Dorothy Draggletail;
And John and Dick, and Joe and Jack,
And Humphrey with his flail.
And Kitty was a charming girl
To carry the milking-pail.

Dame Durden in the morn so soon
She did begin to call;
To rouse her servants, maids and men,
She then began to bawl.

‘Twas Moll and Bet etc

‘Twas on the morn of Valentine,
The birds began to prate,
Dame Durden’s servants, maids and men,
They all began to mate.

’twas Moll and Bet etc