Hey Ho Raggedy-introduction

Hey Ho Raggedy-O


This Book is Dedicated to the Memory of:

Jack Reeve
Sam Cowell
George Coppin
Robert “Billy” Barlow

Along with the Many Other Billy Barlows of the 19th Century




The Chaunt Singer

Come all you chanting vocalists that warbles high and low, sirs
A yard and a half of music buy, that is of Chaunting Joe, sirs.
Here’s love songs and comic songs, and songs of every nation
And if you wait an instant, you shall have them in rotation.

A chaunt-seller I am by trade, as through the streets I trudge it.
Songs you’ll find of every kind, I carry in my budget.

Here’s Doctor Brown and Alice Grey, Going to the Nore, sir,
With Billy Barlow and Crazy Jane capering on the shore, sir.
Why did I love lost Rosabel? She’s Bolted with Another.
The Man vot wears a Mackintosh, Well, Spooney, how’s your Mother?

Here’s the Nobby Waterman, Doing the Agreeable,
With the Maid of Judah, Out of Place, Upon the Parlor Table.
At close of Day, bid me discourse The Pleasures of the Pipe, sir.
O, say not woman’s heart is bought with half a yard of tripe, sir.

I’ve been roaming through the woods All night upon a spree, sir,
With the Girl I left [behind] me, out on the open sea, sir.
It was in The Merry Month of May, Upon the Rigs of Barley,
Gayly we danced down Wapping Stairs, Over the Water to Charlie.

If I had a Donkey wot wouldn’t go, All around the Room, sir,
I saw her at the Fancy Fair, with a shovel and a broom, sir.
I’ve journeyed over many lands, with The King of the Forest Glade, sir.
Does your Mother know you’re out, with The Mountain Maid, sir?

Come, Landlord, Fill a Flowing Bowl! Begone, I say, Dull Care, O!
The Flag that Braved a Thousand Years, At a Country Fair, O!
When a little Farm we keep, On the Banks of Allan Water,
Solomon Loh, he lost his nob, with The Ratcatcher’s Daughter.

Here’s The Parson’s Clerk, The Cove wot Sings Amen, besides a medley,
You’ll find The Lass of Richmond Hill, along with Arthur O’Bradley.
And there you have The Gypsy Girl, going to Chelsea to buy a bun, sir,
Rory O’Moore going out shooting, with my master’s gun, sir.

Now’s the day and now’s the hour, Pretty Little Sally.
My Ellen is the fairest flower: She lives in our alley.
Tell me when, and tell me where, how to spend a dollar,
In the days when we went lushey home, with Glorious Apollo.

Here you see The Vorkhouse Boy, likewise The Overseer, sir,
Going out a-Gypsying with The Jolly Buccaneer, sir.
Come, let us dance, dance and sing, Mr. and Mrs. Wrangle!
Child of the Earth, with the Golden Hair, Has your Mother Sold her Mangle?

Love was once a little boy, yet never go a-Tossing.
I am over-young to marry yet The Man vot Sweeps a Crossing.
Meet me at the Garden Gate, A Fig for Pride and Riches!
Pray, Goody, please to Moderate Hodge’s Leather Breeches!

Far from me my True Love Flies — Sound the Trumpet boldly!
Drink to me only with thine Eyes! I am a Fashionable Coaley.
We met Bill Jones and Sarah Spykes; Lasses Love the Sailors.
Tom Bowling, What’s a Woman like? The Devil among the Tailors.

Ben Block, she never told her love, going our a-shooting.
Mother, Give your Boy a Buss, A Chapter upon Kissing.
You Gentlemen of England, We’ve lived and loved together.
God bless Prince Albert and the Queen, and may they reign forever!

BIRT, Printer, 39, Great St. Andrews Street. Seven Dials
Printing of every description done cheap.




A Study of the Billy Barlow Phenomenon
(written by Joy Hildebrand)

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