Help The Jailed

source: SONGS OF THE I.L.P
published Adelaide c. 1916-17. Contributor Mike Payne points out that the song was from this period and that it seems to reflect the time when the fraudulent police evidence used to convict the ‘twelve’ was beginning to unravel.

TUNE: Wrap Me Up In My Stock Whip and Blanket

SITE SOURCE: Labour History


At this hour when the plutes are dictators,
Controlling Industrial life,
To jail go the best agitators,
Leaving helpless their children-wife.

So make it a ‘ding-dong’ collection,
We’ll send a fat cheque by next mail,
To help their helpless dependents,
And comrades who languish in jail.

To speak out your mind is conspiring.
These plutes you must never defy,
If they haven’t a law, that will jail you,
A bribe may be paid tor a lie.

Then come, let us solemnly pledge, boys,
Agitation we never shall cease,
Until the whole twelve unconditioned,
Our masters in terror release.

Unrelenting we’ll keep agitating,
Till the cold dismal cells shall confine
The tyrants who jailed the brave battlers
For the cause that is your’s and mine