Heinrich’s Trops Fon De Pen

Heinrich’s Trops Fon De Pen


A schmoker may not be allowed to schmoke in Heaven, but id don’d madter somevhere else – aind’t id?

A schap vill vait in der cold an hour for his schveetheart, but ven she’s his vife he’ll growl uf he has to vait five minutes for his dinner.

Dere’s many a schap who says vot he tinks, dot should be ashamed to tink what he says.
Uf you are going to be goot – be goot for sometings.

Ven you see cats fighting – id vos a scratch match – vot?

Dey call a ship a ‘she’ becos der rigging costs monish.

De easiest tings to do are dose tings ve don’d ought to do.

Plenty beeples vould know more uf dey thought dey knew less.