Heenan Fights Sayers

Hawthorne Qld



Heenan Fights Sayers


You ranting lads and fighting boys, come listen to my song
It is a little ditty and it won’t detain you long.
On the seventeenth of August, when there was a terrible battle
When Heenan cooked Sayers bacon, and made his daylight rattle.

They fought for two hours and a half, each proved himself the man,
Their friends they were all shaken when they saw this terrible battle

It’s two to one on Sayers, the English cried with joy,
When they saw their British champion fight the bold Irish boy
But the tiger rose within him, lighting struck his eye,
Saying ‘blaze away old England, but Tommy mind your eye’.

There never were two better men and none could be so brave,
They are both honest heroes of honour and of fame.
Sayers trained with lightning, when his day’s work was done
But Heenan played with cannon balls when his day it had run.


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