Great Australian Adjective




Warren Fahey recites ‘The Great Australian Adjective’


The Great Australian Adjective




How confusing is the Australian slanguage where a bastard can be a good bastard, rotten bastard, filthy bastard, luck bastard, generous bastard, mean bastard – or a thousand other categories of bastard. The same can be said of how we use the word ‘bloody’ and this poem was a firm favourite of our army diggers who used it liberally to remind them of home and country.


The sunburnt___stockman stood
And in a dismal___mood,
Apostrophized his ___cuddy;
“The___nag’s no___good,
He couldn’t earn his___ food
A regular___brumby,

He jumped across the___horse
And cantered off, of___course!
The roads were bad and ___muddy;
Said he, “Well, spare me___days
The___Government’s ___ ways
Are screamin’ ___funny,

He rode up hill, down___dale,
The wind it blew a___gale,
The creek was high and___floody.
Said he, “The___horse must swim,
The same for___me and him,
Is something__ sickenin’,

He plunged into the___creek,
The___horse was___weak,
The stockman’s face a___study!
And though the___horse was drowned
The___rider reached the ground
Ejaculating, “___?”