Hurstville, NSW, 1995
Tune: March Tune
SITE SOURCE: Folklore Unit – People


Go Home To Your Mother


Go home to your mother,
You red-headed bugger,
You don’t belong to me.
If you know any ladies,
Who want to have babies,
Then send ’em along to me,
I’ll give ’em a kiss or two,
Before we start to screw,
And then you ‘II see,
Soon they’ll be
In the family way.
Oh, what a wonderful game to play,
I’d keep on goin’ night and day –
And this is what I’d say:

Go home to your mother,
You lying old bugger,
We doubt if she’s still there,
The girls on the block,
All laugh at your cock,
And yer bum all covered in hair,
They say that you ‘d be stuck,
Couldn’t even goose a duck,
You ‘re a missing link,
And you stink of drink,
Yer really out of luck,
So off yer go and out the door,
Yer nothing but a bloody bore –
Don’t come around no more.

Go home to your mother,
You silly old bugger,
That’s if she’ll have you back,
You live in a dream,
I think you ‘re a queen,
Both in and out the sack,
Everyone’s on to you,
So here’s what you can do –
Go hump a hog,
A hole in a log,
A great big kangaroo,
You ‘re on your own and fancy free,
I hope you don’t come back to me,
So listen to my plea:

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