Collector’s note:

George Hazel is Director of the Salvation Army Heritage Centre at Bexley North. He has been a member of the Army all his life and has a fund of stories connected to the Army’s history in Australia, including musical history. He estimates that he knows over 500 Salvation Army songs.

Recorded 2004 at Bexley North.
Aged 73


Discusses history of Salvation Army in Australia

Discusses how it grew out of Adelaide

Discusses how the Salvationists travelled to the bush and how the street campaigning worked.

Discusses general booth’s birthday party in Sydney Town Hall

Discusses how SA helped emigrant problems

Discusses establishing Sa film unit in Melbourne.

George is Director of the Salvation Army Heritage Centre

Discusses personal history of how he became a Salvationist.

Discusses musical influence on SA music

Goes into detail about parodying popular tunes.

Discusses Arthur Arnott who was the SA’s most prolific composer.
Discusses his encounter with God and how he served.
Talks about song titles of Arnott’s compositions.

Discusses history of SAO biscuit.

Discusses the role of music in the average SA home.

Estimates he knows over 500 Salvation Army songs.

Recites some hymn song words and use of parody.

Discusses SA song book collection at Heritage Centre

Discusses film unit 1899 and Soldiers of the Cross – “arguably the first Australian feature film”. Talsk about how they covered Federation and opening of first Parliament

Discusses magic lantern slide collection and how the slides were used.

Discusses the role of tambourines and how Australia pioneered its popularity – how in 1951 a SA group played in unison/syncronised and it was quite a sensation.

Discusses the Temperance Movement

Discusses SA street music

Discusses SA today.


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