Foundation Day

Foundation Day

[On January 18th, 1871, the German Empire was founded, and at Dutton Park a gathering of Germans from al! parts of Southern Queensland took place last Tuesday, to do honour to the occasion.—News par.

Me und Schmertzer der vere to der Park dot nodder day,
To celebrate Foundation Day – in our own liddle vay:
Ve met some blendy beeple’ on shoost der self same game,
Ve don’d vos been so sorry, dot eider of us came.

Dere vos Kreutzer. Horner, Schniffleburg, und Kriebke—he vos dere,
Der pand blayed shoost such moosie you don’d got eferyvhere.
‘Der lager und der sauer kraut vos remind mit long past years,
Ven I don’d like now, vos haf to trink shost common sort of beers.

Veil, der beeples dere vos plendy, der names I don’d forgot,
Dere vos Zoller, Leibke. Handsunfeet. und dotzens on der schpot,
Und Himschftcld, Schwatz, und Howsyerheadt, a noble iiddle band,
Who trank so many lagers, as me und Schmertzer schtand.

Dot’s shoost some introductions, for I must make von remark,
Not by vay schpoiling tings, but shoost I have some lark;
Der gaddering vos most serious, as all vill understand.
Dot know der kind of beeples dot left den Faterland.

Und avay fon schildhood’s home, oud on dis Austral shore,
Dey tink dem of der bygone days, vonce yet again some more ;
Deir hearts go oud dot Nation to of vich dey vere a part,
Before dey came oud here, und gafe Britain hand und heart.

“Lebe wohl, auf wiedersehn”— let der vords reach oud afar.
Let Sherman’s hear de echoes vherefer yet dey are,
For though dey’re British subjects dere’s a lofe for dose at home,
For who forgets his Faterland, ven he sets oud to roam?

“Breathes dere a man” I read me vonce, dot haf mit soul so tead
Dis is my native home, who nefer vonce vos paid.
So ven I tinks me tack some more “I lofe my natif land,”
Schtrike oop “Der Wacht am Rhine'”—tune oop der plooming band!

Und let us here join vonce again, und in memory of der past,
Und as ve hope to helup id much, let our vishes, vich vill last—
Be dot der Scherman beeples vill friends to Britain be
Und lif in lofe und peace, like deir sons across der seas.