Federated Australia

Federated Australia

Mine Fritz und mine old missus, mineself so likevise too,
Os haf an argument von day apoud some tings ve do;
I vont to haf id done dis vay, und Fritz vos vont annoder,
I argued mit him haluf an hour. und den he oxed his mudder.
Und Shimminey Grismas, help me bob, she vent anodder vay.
So obbosite to bote of us—I don’d forget de day.
Und Fritz he vent und tried to do – his vay vos not like mine.
Ve all vos been at logger-heads, ve kicked up sooch a schein.

Und so at last Frirz said to us. ‘Shoost let me have some talk
And see uf ve can’t gompromise—Ve don’d get pig from pork.
Und so ve talked der matter oud, und to an end ve come.
So now ve all vos pull von vay und peace vos getting some.

So Federation vos like dot, ven all vos pull togedder.
Ve don’d vill care uf storms arise, or ve get schtormy vedder
For ven de boat vos manned by dose who pull de selfsame vay,
Ve’re pound to haf sugcessful dimes, und pright vill dawn der dav.

But uf von schap vos pulling wrong, id might upset de boat,
Dere’s some von’t care uf he falls oud or curs his ploomin troat,
But dere de cofes dot haf not vouce deir hearts some vishes in
For von Australian Nation, a nation ‘bound to vin.’

So let us von und all stand firm, a nation dot’s to be
Australia for Australians, a beeple proud und free;
A nation made fon all ids sons, und some fon efery land,
A vhite man’s Paradise on earth, mit brudders hand in hand.