Epitaph for a Steam Engine

Iron Road

The passing of the steam era in the mid 20th century was a sad occasional for most train fanciers. Gone were the whistles, jets of steam, distinctive coal smell and gone too were some of the engineering marvels of the 19th century.



[Source: Singleton Cemetery]

My engine now is cold and still
No water does my boiler fill
My coke affords its flame no more
My days of usefulness are over
My wheels deny their want of speed
No more my guiding hand they need
My whistle too has lost its tone
Its shrill and shrilling sounds are gone
My valves are now thrown open wide
My flanges all refuse to guide
My clocks although once so strong
Refuse their aid in the busy throng
No more I feel each urging breath
My steam is all condensed to death
Life’s railway over each station past
In death I’m stripped and rest at last
Farewell dear friends and cease to weep
In Christ I’m safe – in him I sleep