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Mitchell Library, Sydney, complete text.


Settler’s Lament

All you on immigration bent
With home and family discontent
Come listen to my sad lament
About the bush of Australia

Of cash I had a thousand pounds –
Thinks I how mighty grand it sounds
For a man to be farming his own grounds
In this beautiful land of Australia

Upon the voyage the ship was lost
In wretched plight I reached the coast
And was very near being made a roast
By the savages in Australia

Illawarra Mittagong
Parramatta Wollongong
If you wish to become an orang-outang
Then go to the bush of Australia

Escaped from thence I lighted on
A fierce bushranger with his gun
Who borrowed my garments every one
For himself in the bush of Australia

 Sydney town I reached at last
Thinks I all danger now is past
And I shall make my fortune fast
In this promised land of Australia
So quickly went with cash in hand

Upon the map I bought my land
But found it nothing but barren sand
When I got to the bush of Australia
Cabramatta, Bogolong,
Ulladulla, Geringong

If you wish to become an orang outang
Then come to the bush of Australia

Of sheep I had a precious lot
Some died of hunger, some of rot
For a devil a drop of rain they got
In this promised land of Australia

My servants they were always drunk
That kept me in a constant funk
And I said to myself, as to bed I slunk
I wish I were out of Australia

Never more at large to roam
Gladly I worked my passage home
And back in England now I’ve come
At least o the bush of Australia