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source: 980.1/89A1

Songster size. John Willcox
Liverpool. 1858

Practical Hints for Emigrants

Usual guide

Under section Calms: amusements and the passengers.

Music, both vocal and instrumental, is probably the most reliable and least objectionable of mental stimulants. The sounds of the fiddle heard on board at the right time at once ‘makes the whole ship kin’. From the refinement o9f the saloon to the boisterous hilarity of the steerage.

Sydney is called The Queen of the South. And the greatest port in the world.

Sydney is a large, populous and highly interesting city. The general; aspect of the town is eminently English in its character. Its streets are long and wide, with lofty, well-built houses on each side. Although in many instances the streets also present continued ranges of cottages with neat gardens in front, which, in some parts of the town, indeed, are attached to every house. Along the shores are extensive wharves, stores, ship building yards, and mills; while behind these houses rise in well-arranged terraces. Many of the shops are fitted with great taste, and the hotels and inns are numerous and excellent.